Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"When I was in Japan..."

It's a common thing to spend your time reminiscing about the things you used to do, the places you used to live in, the good old days..... well this is what I spend my days doing. It's not uncommon to hear me start a conversation with "When I was in Japan...."

Nine years ago I went to Japan as part of the JET programme to teach English. I lived there for two years, and really did have the time of my life (dirty dancing innuendo intended) Now, living in and managing a clothes shop in Liverpool I find myself drawing constant parallels between my time in Japan and my time now especially when it comes to fashion and grooming!!

So I've decided get it all out of my system by writing a blog about it. 'sushi and scouse, Liverpool life through manga eyes...' will showcase my musings, my doodles, my photos and my memories.

I hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Especially in the first few years after getting back I always felt like that character from American Pie, forever saying - "this one time, in band camp", except it's Japan not band camp!

    Can't wait to read your musings xx